What is inner peace?

Inner peace refers to being mentally or spiritually calm, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of anxiety or emotional imbalance. Being at peace is considered highly healthy and is often associated with happiness.
Tranquility is not the same as peace. Today's world sells us a calm, artificial and anesthetized peace that we can access simply by placing a "do not disturb" sign. That space of tranquility is important, there is no doubt, since it allows us to rest, but it is not the peace that we need.
Inner peace has become a luxury. We live in a convulsive society that "forces" us to lead a lifestyle that is too hectic in which we do not stop for a second. If we are not careful, we will be swept up in a whirlwind of tasks, most of them insignificant, but which do not leave us a single minute free.

We are in such a frenetic pace that sometimes when we have a little time to ourselves, we feel guilty. Guilty because we should be doing something more productive. However, there is a time when it is necessary to stop and say "enough!" Enough of the meaningless worries and the overwhelming pace of life. Enough of social pressures, all those meaningless tasks and the pursuit of perfection.

Rediscovering inner peace is essential for our well-being and happiness. From time to time it is essential to relax a bit, take a break and reorder our priorities. It's a worthwhile change.

Tips to achieve inner peace:

  1. Pay attention only to those things that give you positive energy. (It is very important to know how to distinguish between those things or stimuli that give us energy since they give us something positive).
  2. Live only the present moment. There is only the here and now, the present. If you manage to train yourself with the goal of being alone in the present moment without letting yourself be carried away by the ghosts of the past or by the fears of the future
  3.  Learn to stay in your center. Your center is in your heart and is represented by everything that makes you vibrate and connect with your true essence.
  4. Overcome the fears. It is important to identify our fears and transfer them!
  5. Learn to be yourself. if you really connect with yourself and live day by day from the heart and in connection with your true essence
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